Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Did someone ask for cheese?

2014. The Year of the (runaway) horse.

 Barely 2 months in and so much has happened.

I've given up writing for The Review.

Been to Cape Town for the Writivism 2014 Workshop (which, if I’m to be very honest about it, made me feel like a sperm donor must feel. “Here, a girlie mag. A jar. Use that room.”)

Got to work on a menu for the ‘coffee shop' I’ll be adding to Lazeeza’s.

Been told I sound like a frustrated housewife and that I've become jaded.

Dealt with all manner of crises that no sane person should have to deal with in the first month of a new year.

Based on all the drama, the non-events and the events, I’ve put together my list of Hard Learnt Lessons, courtesy of The Year of the Runaway Horse:

  • ·         The best thing about life is that it goes on
  • ·         That life goes on with wilful determination should serve as a reminder of your own mortality. Of the fact that no one is indispensable

  • ·         That no one actually sees you as you see yourself. And that, that doesn't matter in the least

  • ·         That you should laugh often. With abandon. At yourself.

  • ·         The time to start living as you've always wanted is now
  • ·         Life will never be perfect but that should not stop you from being perfectly happy
  • ·         Every day there may be a hundred reasons to whine, but you’re better off looking for that one reason to be thankful
  • ·         Pray. Like you mean it.

  • ·         Life owes you nothing
  • ·         Whatever you do, do it with all your heart. Overinvestment be damned.
  • ·         Let people judge. Their judgement takes away nothing from who you are
  • ·         In a world obsessed with ‘the celebrity’, the best person you can be, is yourself

  • ·         Live honestly. Sincerely. You need no more
  • ·         Give thanks. Give voice to your thankfulness
  • ·         Express your joy
  • ·         Forgive. Forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself
  • ·         Don’t be afraid of change. Often, it’s for the better

And now you can all make your toasted cheese sandwiches and promise me you'll never mention this post. Ever.

 I mean it. 


Aasia said...

Amen!Amen! Ameen! <- had to throw some mozlumness in there.

Im learning this and I see my own lessons reflected in your list.

Thanks and vokken visit a persons blog sometimes toe?

Saaleha said...

SO, I visited. AND I vokken commented. Had a good chuckle at Aasia Land. Love the idea. I'll have to wait for the kids to grow up before I can have that.

Oh, and didn't comment on that post cos I don't want it to seem like I'm taking orders from anyone. Will destroy my street cred completely.

Azra said...

And thats what life is for innit, to learn the lessons as we go along. I've learnt a long time ago that the longer you put it off (the lesson) the more you'll confront the same issues over and over again in your life. Here's to moving on up :)

Saaleha said...

Amen sistah!