Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Thankful Year

Thankful. That is the word that would sum up 2012 for me.

I am thankful.
For joy.
For sorrow
For love
For anger
For hope
For faith
For laughter
For tears

I am thankful
For life.

It has been a year that I could perhaps (in a less thankful moment) call overfull.  But even for that, I am thankful.

I have found myself tested. Stretched.  I have lost. I have hurt. I have healed. I have prayed. I have hoped. I have tempered hope with realism. I have written. I have sung.

 I have walked in the rain, watched a hailstorm unleash its full fury.  Have touched that hail, tasted it. I have held a bird shaken up by the storm, in my hand. Warmed it until it could once more fly. 

I have swam with fishes, watched them dart away from my touch.

 I have built brides’ dreams in chocolate, covered them in flowers.  Sent them off with a wish that their marriages be sanctuaries. Homes. Always.

I have built castles in the sky, found fellow dreamers. Lost a few too, to reality.

My heart, as I write, brims with joy. Tears blur my vision. I am thankful. For tears of joy.

Alhamdulillah. Always.

May we all greet 2013 with open hearts and open arms. May The Good Lord grace us with showers of Mercy and Goodness. May we always be thankful. For life. 


Azra said...

Ameen. The best for you and yours in 2013.

Saaleha said...

Thanks pops

Ahmed said...