Saturday, September 26, 2009


On Love…

Loving someone means giving them the license to make you miserable. Of course, that isn’t quite how it is in the beginning. Then, it’s all laughter, shared secrets, dreams of forever…

Then one day you wake up. And realize with a start that forever could also be a life sentence….

On Faith…

Being born into a faith is a strange thing. It’s like being born with curly hair. Not something that you have any control over. Some see their faith as an asset and do everything they can to enhance and nurture it. Curl defining mousse, hot oil treatments for faith. You name it. Nothing is too much.

For others it is like a handicap. A cruel joke of fate to be ironed out with every tool at their disposal. GHD, hair irons, gels, styling crèmes. Every hint of a curl, whisper of it must be eradicated. Ever notice though, how when their hair gets wet it’s still curly???

On Happiness…

okay, so I haven't written this one as yet. Simply because I think that you could do it better. Show me what you're made of then...

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

KhatPat - it's back!

okay, so you thought that 'they' had won. And that you'd never get to hear Amina and Khayroon skinder again.

Well, I've got news for you. KhatPat is back. To listen to episode nine as well as previous episodes go here

Enjoy :)

And of course you're part of the Facebook Group (693 members - I'm gobsmacked). If you aren't you'd better join here

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Brewing Storms in Teacups

The Prophet Muhammed PBUH has been reported to have said: Al Muminu mir’aatul mu’min.
The English translation would be “A believer is a mirror unto another believer”.

So what do these words mean to you?

All my life I have used these words as a means by which I strive improve myself. I have looked at the mistakes of others and asked myself whether I possess the same ills and then worked at purging them from my system if I find them to be festering within me. I have learnt from the mistakes of others.

And this is the very principal that I applied when the ideas for KhatPat Corner, being aired on Cii, took root in my mind. Yet, people have seen fit to claim that the show teaches young children how to lie, use drugs and much worse.

Helloooo…. Can we all stop dreaming for a moment here and wake up and smell the leaves. Burning leaves. Our youth are struggling to find an Islamic identity in this melting pot that we call South Africa. Many are losing the plot…seriously. Ever since I opened the bakery, I get to see more and more of this. I see youngsters come into the shop, clearly stoned. And I smell the leaves – burning leaves – in the passage that runs along the shopping centre.

What KhatPat aims to do is show that these evils are prevalent in society. And hope that parents will take the steps necessary to fix it!

Ziyaad is a father who is never at home. Who believes that providing all the material benefits of this world, that’s all it takes to rear a child. Is his way the right one? That’s the question we ask.

Farouk is the dictator dad who rules over his dominion with an iron fist. This sparks small rebellions (inevitable in every country ruled by a dictator), but of course these are all ‘underground’ movements. His wife has bought the children cell phones -against his law, naturally – and his daughter has found ‘someone’ on Mxit. Is his the right approach?

Tasneem, Ziyaad’s daughter, has a black Muslim significant other on campus. Is refusing the proposal on the basis of skin colour Islamic behaviour? Zaheer is stuck on Chappies and is being dragged through night clubs, zol selling and a series of other evils. How does he resist peer pressure and listen to the voice of reason, his best friend Umar.

All we’ve done is use drama as a means of getting the message across. The Quraan tells us the story of Aad and Thamud. We are told of Lut (AS) and the evils that were prevalent in his society. These are not told for mere entertainment value, but so that we may learn. That we make take lessons from the wrongs that they committed.

If we were to use the rationale that some people are applying to KhatPat, then we’d have to say – Allah forbid – that we are learning to cheat people, we are learning arrogance and all sorts of other vices from reading of these nations.

Allah tells us of Nabi Yunus AS in the belly of the whale. This was as a result of his disobeying the command of Allah. Is Allah revealing the sins of a believer by telling us this Qissah? Or is He teaching us. Allowing us to learn from the mistakes of another?

Why, oh why, do we always have to put such a negative spin on anything that does not conform? Do we really consider our deen to be such bitter medicine that we immediately brand anything that might be -ooooh, that terrifying F word - FUN as fitnah.

Have out imams nothing better to say than to advise people in this blessed month of Ramadaan nogal – on the evils of the dreaded Khat?

From the snap survey that was held yesterday though, it is clear that the detractors as few and far between, alhamdulillah.

May Allah make KhatPat Corner a success. May it be a means of getting people talking and working together to eradicate the evils that fester and threaten to transform our communities into seething cesspits of vice.