Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's Here!!!!

After what feels like a lifetime, my book has finally arrived. It was an awesome feeling, to be holding nine years' worth of hope in my (much older) hands. It's gorgeous. Jazakillah Widad, Shirley and everyone else. Apparently there is someone out there who wants an autographed copy.

Does that mean that I am now famous??? Hmmm....

So, South Africans wanting a copy, make your way to Lazeeza's Bakery and Confectionary in Mackenzie Park. Did I hear you say, where's that? Have you never heard of Charlize? It beats ordering from Kalahari or Amazon. And the money you save on the book, you can spend on donuts. We make killer donuts.

Monday, May 19, 2008


The thing about bakeries is that they can be terribly romantic. What is it that is so seductive about the aroma of bread, hot out of the oven? Or biscuits sighing vanilla scented breaths into the air?

Kinda like a coffee shop, or Italian restaurant. A French restaurant is not far off mind you, even though reptilian thingies are passed of as gourmet meals.

So I spend my days surrounded by buns, all cinnamon-y, slathered in creamy cheese toppings accompanied by lashings of caramel and pecan nuts. I find my hands covered in cream and chocolate mousse, and maraschino cherries dripping syrup the colour of blood. And the inevitable koeksuster run on Sunday mornings reminds me that people often go to great lengths for food.

And also that blogging and facebook, well it's for people with time to kill. Obviously Varsities don't keep students busy enough. Neither do some offices mind you. Sigh, but for the days of leisure :P


p.s. Blogger is being beastly again. I would so have enjoyed taunting you with delicious pictures

Pssssst...Wholenut Cake never fails. As you can see - pictures.
Feast away!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thieves and more...

There's a poem I wrote some decades ago. I'd forgotten all about it. And here I am googling to see whether 'MY BOOK' is on anyone's list of faves. And what do I find? This poem on so many blogs and sites. And some articles nicked and reproduced by everyone and his brother. All in the name of Da'wah, I'm sure. Since when does doing the work of deen give you the license to steal???

Hmmm, seeing as so many others have seen fit to post this on their blogs, I thought I might as well do so on mine. So here goes

True Love

To love until you feel like dying
to wring from your soul every last tear
to pray for the last day just to see His face
to beg for Paradise only to bow at His feet

Have you felt it?

The joy, yet misery
of love that consumes
and yearning that devours
and despair that destroys

Have you known it?

You speak of love
yet you give preference
to the selfish dictates
of your avaricious soul

You speak of faith
yet you engross yourself
in fears of tomorrow
and concerns of yesterday

You speak of mercy
yet you’ve done nothing
to earn that gift
or any other

You speak of forgiveness
yet you’ve never repented
until you wished to tear
out your own eyes
to stop the tears

You claim to know Him
How can you?
when you know not yourself?

And for the record, I was touched by some of the responses, but not enough to think of plagiarism as okay.