Thursday, February 07, 2008

Al Muhaymin - The Protector

A refresher Course for those of you who cannot remember the book in question. A recycled version of a very old post:
Allah, or God is known by 99 Names in Islam. Each of them demonstrates one of His divine attributes. My first published book will be a collection of fun poems for children aimed at demonstrating these attributes. One of my favourites is this particular poem. The beautiful illustration is the work of Shirley Anjum.
The clever publisher who knew a good thing when she saw it is Muslim Writer's Publishing. My appreciation goes out to both.

Al Muhaymin – The Protector

I lay in my bed, one moonlit night
The moon shines in the window, big and bright
I close my eyes tightly, and wipe away a tear
Please let there be someone to ease my fear
The monster in the cupboard makes an awful noise
The ghost in the corner plays with my toys
Where do I go? Where can I run?
Will someone please wake up the sun?
Then I remember what Mum always says,
That Allah, Al Muhaymin is my Protector, always
So I say my Ta’awwuz* with utmost care
Hearing it, the monster gets a great big scare
And the ghost in the corner, why he runs for his life
And probably goes home to be with his wife

* A prayer for protection

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Quick Crow

I've stolen time for a quick Peter Pan-esque crow. My book is finished at last. All illustrations done by that talented artist Shirley Anjum. Cobbled together by that brilliant publisher, Linda (aka Widad) Delgado. I can't wait!

It goes to the book designer shortly (yep, a designer book :p )
Everything sounds wonderfully important and extremely exciting. And I know you're all hoping it will be an enormous success...
Hugs and kisses to one and all. Yep, you too Minx :)