Friday, January 25, 2008

I Salute You...

I actually wanted a picture of someone saluting but I thought, this is better. Since those of you who take the time to vist, to be a part of my life deserve better than a picture of someone I don't know slicing air. You deserve a slice of my life. So I give you Imraan and Baby in Pic One and Hamza and Moosa with Ismaeel in the background in Pic Two.

So i know. It's not a twelve gun salute. Not a ten arm salute. Not an eight smile salute. But it's my way of saying thank you for visiting. From romantic Vienna to Malaysia. From France to Singapore. From Parow here in the Cape, to a certain regular someone in Midrand. From Pennsylvania, to Canada and even New Zealand. You may never comment, but I know you're out there. And who knows, maybe someday you will say something so that I can respond. Who knows, maybe someday, we will meet :-)

In the meantime may God enshroud you in His Mercy and may you live a Graced Life, always.

Afrocentric...aka Saaleha

P.S. Don't feel offended if I didn't mention your location. There are many more except that lately I'm so harried that thinking up all those places - ones I would love to visit one day, mind you - is just too huge an undertaking. Now that I think of it though, Cape Town and a certain someone and well as the UK and a certain few someones come to mind...